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Helping new parents focus on what's important.

Rina Brulé

Rina Brulé

Certified Postpartum Doula

About Me

Babies and kids have always been a big part of my life - I started “babysitting” at age 10, worked at sleep-away camps through college, and my husband and I were very emotionally ready to start a family. Despite all of the preparation - birth classes, parenting classes, books - becoming parents was a huge transition for us. Breastfeeding was challenging and it took my daughter a month to get back to birth weight.

During that time, I felt like an octopus and a turtle at the same time. Reaching out for resources wherever I could find them, while simultaneously wanting to crawl back in my shell and get a good solid break from reality. Once the fog lifted later, it was clear to me that I wanted to help new families during that incredible, terrifying, wonderful, overwhelming, beautiful “fourth trimester.”

Through Union Doula, I will support your family as you transition into your new reality, whether you’re first-time parents or expanding your existing family. I will be the octopus when you need more hands, resources, referrals, and tips. I will protect your space when you need to retreat to your shell, and make sure things keep running while you do.

I am a Certified Postpartum Doula through DONA International and a Certified Breastfeeding Specialist through Lactation Education Resources.

What does a Postpartum Doula do?

A postpartum doula is a non-medical professional who provides support to your entire family during the first few months after the arrival of your baby. Families enjoy support as they transition into parenthood with the gentle guidance of a doula who has experience with newborn care, maternal recovery, the development of family systems, and breastfeeding, to name a few. Whether it be cooking a meal, doing some light housework, or taking care of baby so that parents can grab a nap, a postpartum doula helps you and your family settle into your new life with ease. For more information on the role and benefits of a postpartum doula, see the resources below.


My services include, but are not limited to the items listed below. I am happy to work with you to address any unique concern your family might have.

  • Breastfeeding support and instruction
  • Maternal postnatal care
  • Baby soothing skills, including swaddling
  • Newborn care including bathing, diapering and umbilical cord care
  • Meal preparation
  • Light housekeeping and errands
  • Baby-wearing education and assistance
  • Baby equipment expertise
  • Referrals to local resources
  • Sibling and pet care
  • Preparation for the transition back to the workplace
  • Breast pump instruction, cleaning and tips


My hourly rates are below. You may also consider choosing a package for discounted pricing. Please contact me for scheduling and purchase.

Strong Start


  • 1 hour prenatal education (postpartum education and planning)
  • 2 hours in the hospital immediately after baby arrives (breastfeeding + general support)
  • 4 hour postpartum visit

Virtual Support


  • Unlimited texts, calls + video calls for one month once baby arrives
  • One, 1-hour postpartum planning call before baby arrives
  • Or $899 for three months once baby arrives


$30 / hour

  • Support between 8 a.m. and 8 p.m.
  • Must schedule a minimum of 4 hours


$33 / hour

  • Support between 8 p.m. and 8 a.m.
  • Must schedule a minimum of 8 hours

24 Hour Bundle


  • 24 hours of love for your new bundle
  • Daytime shifts only
  • Can be scheduled in shifts of 4-8 hours

48 Hour Bundle


  • 48 hours of love for your new bundle
  • Daytime shifts only
  • Can be scheduled in shifts of 4-8 hours

5 Overnights Bundle


  • Includes 5 9-hour overnight shifts
  • Typically scheduled from 10 p.m. - 7 a.m.
  • Excellent gift of sleep to new parents

10 Overnights Bundle


  • Includes 10 9-hour overnight shifts
  • Typically scheduled from 10 p.m. - 7 a.m.
  • Excellent gift of sleep to new parents

Classes and Groups

Postpartum for Partners Class & Support Group

So many partners have the best of intentions and want to fully support the birthing parent and baby, but unfortunately in our culture, we don't talk a lot about what that looks like. Then baby arrives and things don't always happen the way we picture.

During this two-part class, I will cover:

  • exactly what the role of the partner is in the postpartum period
  • concrete tools to help partners support the birthing parent whether they're body feeding or bottle feeding
  • how to stay connected to each other before and after baby arrives
  • tips and tricks for calming and soothing a baby that don't involve breast milk
  • what to do if either of you start showing signs of perinatal mood and anxiety disorders

The Postpartum Support Group for Partners meets monthly on the first Wednesday of the month. The next six-meeting session begins on Wednesday, Oct. 4th from 6-7:30. Register here.

Contact me for a private Postpartum for Partners class.

Postpartum for Partners

Postpartum Support Group

Postpartum Support Group - Syracuse

I’ve partnered with Safe Space CNY to offer a group on Mondays at 3:30pm. Support groups have been nothing short of life-changing for me. There is true magic in coming together with people in the same stage/season as you, experiencing similar joys / challenges / wins / questions.

We’ll have a different topic to jump-off with each week, but the space is yours to talk about what’s on your mind. All postpartum parents are welcome, and feel free to bring your babies up to 18 months of age. The current session consists of eight weekly sessions, $80 for all 8 meetings. Dates for this session are October 2, 9, 16, 23, 30, November 6, 13 and 20. Register here.

Postpartum Support Group - Oswego

I’ve partnered with Canalview Chiropractic to offer a group one Saturday/month at Canalview's offices at 15 Bronson Street in Oswego. We’ll have a different topic to jump-off with each week, but the space is yours to talk about what’s on your mind. Upcoming dates are July 15, August 5, September 9, October 7 and November 4. All postpartum parents are welcome, and feel free to bring your babies up to 18 months of age. $10/meeting, but don't let the price stand in the way - reach out! Register here.


Recommended Links

  • Kelly Mom
  • Evidence Based Birth
  • Motherbirth Podcast
  • The Fifth Trimester
  • In the absence of “the village,” mothers struggle most

Recommended Providers


Rina was amazing! We were referred via a local provider. Rina was immediately responsive and jumped right in to help new parents of a 6 week old baby. We ended up working with her for about 6 months. Rina was helpful in so many ways. She made us feel less overwhelmed, she was such a good listener, and we felt so much safer with her around. I would totally recommend her to any new parents!

- Allison

Rina was a godsend for us in the challenging first few months as new parents. We didn’t really know much about doulas going into this but it was recommended by a friend. Rina is a natural in knowing all the right things to do to help you out and feel a great sense of relief. Her insights as a trained doula and mother herself made every visit a learning experience that helped us get better and better at managing our new lives on our own. Additionally, she was a pleasure to have in our home. Any family and guests that witnessed her helping us, were instantly impressed by her skills and ability to naturally fit into our environment. Most importantly, we truly felt she genuinely cared for us as parents and for our daughter. She was as excited about any milestones as we were and we look forward to staying in touch with Rina as our daughter ages as we’ll always remember her as an important part of this time of our life. Anyone feeling lost, overwhelmed, or just tired with a newborn would benefit from Rina’s services at Union Doula.

- Bob and Roxane

Relieving stress during my postpartum experience was essential for me as a mom of 3. Having a few hours of support during the day allowed me to pay more attention to my newborn and helped me have time for myself to heal after my c-section. Rina was so positive, caring, helpful and supportive during my last pregnancy. I highly recommend treating yourself and your family to the benefits of a doula.

- Harmony

Rina has been so helpful during the first few months of our daughters life. I had no experience with babies before she was born and Rina helped me become more confident with holding her, bottlefeeding her, and generally taking care of her. Rina is also a kind and loving person and I felt totally comfortable leaving my daughter in her care when my wife and I both needed a break.

- Ben

Rina had a wonderfully holistic approach for helping me recover from birth and sleep deprivation with my little one and she helped support our whole family during the process. Highly recommend!

- Lexi


Let's talk about how I can help you relax into parenthood.

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